Once one of Australia's premier Minecraft networks. Now retired.

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Started in 2012 by Australian Minecraft YouTuber BrenyBeast together with technology professional Swifty, BeastCraft grew through many iterations over the years but always kept its tight-knit community.
BeastCraft was officially shut down in July, 2016.

Official Shutdown Announcement

Originally posted 21st July, 2016

Hey all,

Due to some major problems with the technical side of things recently, and the fact that the server has been declining in popularity and active players I have decided to take Skyblock offline until further notice.

While this is not the end of BeastCraft, at the moment players aren't active, staff aren't active (because the players aren't active) and I'm not active. That's the reasoning behind this.

I believe that the root problem here is that Skyblock inherently is not captivating enough to hold player's attention for more than a few weeks/months after a reset. The only way to have a successful Skyblock server I've come to learn is through constant, regular updates that add new features/objectives/activities to keep players coming back -OR- a semi-popular Youtube/creator to push new people to it, and bring players back.

I'll be bluntly honest and say that I don't have the time or effort to do either of those things. I believe that BeastCraft will come back, probably in another capacity at another point in time. Right now I don't know when that will be.

The forums will stay up, although I may separate Camp Mongoose so that we can continue to grow that community and help it grow closer.

As always I want to be completely honest and transparent, so feel free to tweet me and I'll answer questions when I can.

- Swifty

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